April 20: Yes, We Cannabis! Capitol Rally for Full Legalization

MN NORML returns to the Minnesota State Capitol ** for our 2nd annual rally for full legalization of cannabis in Minnesota. ++ Please join hundreds, perhaps thousands of Minnesotans at this powerful gathering to demand that our state legislators finally end 78 years of the senseless, dishonest and abjectly failed prohibition. As we did last year, we're organizing a diverse line-up of speakers to testify in favor of our movement, which is much deeper than letting people smoke cannabis, especially when hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans already do - and none of them should be criminalized for it.

We're organizing a statewide, grassroots campaign, building our legislative action committee, working on a comprehensive Cannabis Count and providing the public education that will convert members of the Marijuana Middle to join the Marijuana Majority in advocating for a fully legalized, regulated and reasonably taxed cannabis industry with the establishment of personal home cultivation rights and freedom for cannabis consumers. We're calling on everyone, consumer or not, who recognizes the many imperatives for full legalization to SHOW UP:

Full legalization of cannabis is a... 
• Civil liberty issue
• Social and racial justice issue
• Public health issue
• Law enforcement integrity, accountability and effectiveness issue
• Public safety issue
• Economic development issue

Footnotes: ** The Capitol building is under construction, so the actual program will not be held inside the Capitol building. Instead, we'll be meeting across the street at Christ Lutheran Church on Capitol Hill. See the address below. You can take the Green Line of the Light Rail Transit to get there. ++ Here's the rally we held at the Capitol last year, in 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2zuJ2G_4o0