Form: Whip Count on medical marijuana HF 1818

Help Minnesota NORML track the political situation on medical marijuana in the Minnesota Legislature. We've heard that the main medical marijuana bill, HF1818, (official page) may have enough votes to pass both the House and Senate this year.

You can contact your legislators (look up your House and Senate members here) and ask them where they stand on HF1818.

Suggested language: "Do you support HF1818/SF1641, to permit the controlled use of medical marijuana?"

You could also ask about industrial hemp: "Do you support bills like HF 2315 / SF 2266, to permit the controlled use of non-psychoactive industrial hemp?"

Also you could ask about the medical necessity defense bill: "Do you support SF 733 / HF 508, to provide a medical necessity defense for medical marijuana users?"

If you hear back from your legislators, please let us know via this form, or else email at [email protected] with "whip count" or "roll call" in the subject. Please forward emails from legislators directly to [email protected] .

With your help pressuring and monitoring the Legislature we can help improve lives of many patients, an important first step. Thank you!

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