Weekly Action Committee Meetings to 10/18

We our hosting our Action Committee meetings EVERY Thursday (rather than bi-weekly) from this week's meeting, 9/25, until the meeting on 10/16 to prepare for our big political action conference, Legalize It, Minnesota! on October 18th.

Action Committee meetings - for those in the Twin Cities interested in getting involved and joining the full legalization movement!
Every Thursday - 7-9pm, at our office in downtown Minneapolis - 1313 Chestnut Ave., Suite 115, Mpls 55403
*(then every other Thursday after 10/16)

Please come out and get involved! We have a ton of work to do to promote our conference, get MN law-makers on the record regarding marijuana law reform, and to build our organization! This is the most direct way to help out and be a part of MN NORML's work!

if you would still like to be involved but can't attend meetings on Thursday nights, please email Leroy at [email protected], 612.584.3101